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Odie was my world I had him for 16 years and 6 months I’m so lost without him. Thank you for taking care of my Odie. I love and miss him ❣️


Winchester Va


Kitty came to our home at 8 weeks old and was born on a farm. Being new cat owners we had no idea what to expect from him. At first it was a bumpy ride with him using the litter. After a month of training, he was ready to go! Kitty enjoyed his adopted big brother cat Mo and hot summer days sleeping on the porch or deck. We will miss you Kitty!

Dontel McNeil



Terry came to us as a hospice case, not expected more than one year, four years ago. The past four years have been the most precious of my life. He gave every member of my family the best friendship and it has been my life’s greatest pleasure to share his time. I’ll love you forever Terry. See you soon.


Middletown, OH.


I had my boy since I was a 7 year old girl. We did everything together and he was my best friend. He was a happy go lucky little guy and had never met a stranger. He always tried his all for everything he did. He helped me through a lot growing up and I thanked him all the time for it. But the ultimate way to thank him and love him was to let him go




I got my Chloe at 8 weeks old in September 2009. She loved to cuddle with me every night. She would come up to me and lick my cheek and then cuddled in and go to sleep. She also loved to jump up on my shoulders after I washed my hair and play in my wet hair. I miss her so much 😭💔

Ninya Miller

Shenandoah, IA


Cole loved to sitting on the porch with mom and dad. His mom loves taking photos so when he was little he was around a camera and loved his picture taken. Cole loved butterflies he was always playing in the flowers watching them and chasing them. he left a very big hole in mom's and dad's heart and hopefully we will see him again one day.


Concord Va


To my gentle giant, home just isn’t the same without you. Your sister misses you and so do I. I hope you’re rolling in the warm grass and nuzzling a blanket across the rainbow bridge. You gave me love when I thought I didn’t deserve it. Thank you for letting me give you the best life to the end. Be a good girl and I’ll see you later.


Richmond, VA


George was a good lizard. He loved to eat rasberries and loved being pushed around in a toy drumptruck. He especially loved sitting in trees on sunny days


Greenville, SC


Baci has been a beloved member of our family who brought love, compassion and smiles to all who met him. His heart was full of love for his own people and those he just met. He was beautiful in every way. He was a certified Therapy Dog and Reading Education dog who served many seniors as well as elementary school students. We are extremely sad at his passing but his legacy will be in our hearts forever.


Charlottesville, VA


Ginny was a sweet, loving girl, and I miss her so much. She had been pulled off the streets and had lived a very hard life. When I adopted her, she was scrawny with a dull coat. She filled out so beautifully and had a beautiful spirit as well. Whenever we got into a heated discussion, or I was reprimanding my young kids, she would immediately come and rub around our legs while meowing, saying "Quiet down everyone, it's going to be okay." She had been through so much in the past couple of years: hyperthyroidism, repeated skin allergies, steroid shots, and then seizures. It was hard to let her go, but I know she's at peace.


Omaha, NE


Cooper was rescued by my best friend's husband's co-worker while out on a run. He had been dumped in the woods left to die and was very close to death. I was "convinced" that I needed this little boy. For the next nine years, Cooper was my best friend and was full of love and happiness every single day. Always happy to be hugged and kissed and to sit in my lap. With my daughter grown and with a family of her own, Cooper was my boy. So grateful to have had him in my life. This photo is so typical of him with his favorite toy and turning to look at me when he knew I was taking a photo.


Doral, FL


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