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Pet Memorials

Image by Caleb Woods


Paws & Remember website visitors are welcome to share their own stories or browse through the memorials left by other pet owners.


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Read the Pet Memorials that have been submitted by our website visitors.



Lily (Lily Bug)

Lily was my best friend. My family walked into our local animal shelter, looked at her and she was it. She came home with us. She was with us for 13 years. She was very loving, loyal, energetic, stubborn and had her own personality. She always had this special look on her face when I walked in the door. I miss her everyday and will love her always

Frances Decker


Captain Jack

Captain Jack (Jack) was my best friend! He was found as a kitten in a dumpster and subsequently went blind in his one eye and had a small break in his tail. He was the most loving, trusting, loyal friend to me. Always by my side and waiting at the top step when I came home! Unconditional love was what Jack gave me for 17 years! I miss him terribly!

Janice Kollar



Was a rescue that something happened to his mom. Loved to eat and open doors


Omaha ne

Igloo (Iggy)

Iggy was abandoned by his mother upon birth and we had to bottle feed him to save his life. It was a difficult journey, but he brought such joy to our lives. He lived in the house with us for 6 weeks before making his way back to the barn. Despite our extreme caution and care with him, he died suddenly on 10/17/23 and our hearts will never recover.

Tracy Snowman

Canton, IL


Berkley was a Blue Merle Australian Shepherd, she was my daughter and daughter in law's 1st dog together, we all moved in together in 2015, and because Berkley was so high energy she picked me out as her "person" I was grandma. She loved to go on walks and stop and say hi to everyone she would see. She especially loved men! We miss you baby girl.

Krista McCracken



This is Gravy. He is a Syrian hamster that I adopted last year in March of 2022. He has been my buddy for 1 year and 7 months now. He was such a blessing to me, I will remember all the memories and times we ate together and car rides we had. It breaks my heart that you are gone but you are no longer in pain. I love you so much Gravy <3

Jennifer Avila Zamora

Omaha, Nebraska

Pearlie Girl

Pearlie Girl (aka Pearl) came into my life from my cousin. She was just a yearish old. Sweet little thing. My Winston fell in love with her at first sight. My spa baby LOVED baths. Handed me each paw demanding I wash/massage all toe beans. Her little headbutts will be missed the most. She passed a month after her sister Noodle passed. Miss you baby

Dena R

Cleveland, OH

Little One

Little One was found as a stray at only 4 weeks old. I tried to save her but I failed. She was a sweet girl and she deserved a longer and kinder life than the one she got. I am devastated by her loss.

I'm so sorry, Little One. I tried. I hope I at least showed you a fraction of the love you deserved in this life.


Dayton, OH


Rayray was a shy cat who loved food. He once stole a chicken wing from my plate. Hid every time someone came over but came out for cuddles as soon as they left. His "sister" passed 3 weeks before him. They lived together 10 years w/ typical sibling rivalry and love. They will be missed forever.


Omaha, Ne


Noodle came into my life 3 1/2 years ago. She was a rarity (less than 5% of her kind are female). Honestly was a female Garfield. Spent the first 2 days I had her in my kitchen, yep Noodle fit her well. She loved food. Loved my other cats. Loved me. Enjoy the rainbow bridge sweet girl.

Dena R

Cleveland, OH


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