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Pet Memorials

Image by Caleb Woods


Paws & Remember website visitors are welcome to share their own stories or browse through the memorials left by other pet owners.


Blayze you will forever be missed. You we're momma's perfect baba I love you.💕

Kristina Cheung

Council Bluffs


I adopted our baby boy in 2010. We had him for an amazing 13 years until Monday, May 15. Roscoe, was an old soul who was loving, and the best son we could ever have!! Roscoe loved car rides, walks, and hunting. He had an amazing personality. He will be missed more than words can say. I love you and miss you sweet Roscoe ❤

Carolyn and Scott



For the past 23 years, I had a Tipper as much companion. Tipper was my only true friend I had since I am a single guy living alone. Tipper was my buddy and very close companion. I didn’t wanna put him down on May 11, 2023; but I had no choice. I know Tipper is on the rainbow bridge waiting for me when my life comes to a end.

Paul Pospisil

Tiffin, Ohio


My first boy he adopted me in April 2009 when I had just lost my girl Maxie. He was the sweetest, most loyal and unconditionally loving boy. He got me through tough times. Always there for me. I am gonna miss you “Budda”. I love you ❤️

Jerry Buckner

Sylvania, Ohio

Dyna & Maggie

Saying good bye to furry friends is never easy. Maggie, our golden retriever passed in October of 2020 and her best friend Dyna, the chocolate lab has now gone to be with her, May 3, 2023. Our hearts hurt and now our home is too quiet. Paws & Remember has helped through this grief and we are greatful for all they did with our girls at the end!

Deb Goodrich

Omaha, NE

Portia Snicklefritz

My Portia was a very sweet old lady. We adopted her in March ‘22 but it feels like I’ve had her for a lifetime. She was obsessed with me, loved playing with her toys and you couldn’t ever catch her not purring. She was my beautiful girl and I will never stop thinking about her. All I could ever ask for is that she’s not in pain. I miss her fiercely

Layla Hager

Perrysburg, OH


Leo was not a pet to us. He was family. 16 years was not enough time for us. We will always love and miss our precious boy.

Julie Jameson


Phoenix Batlo

In 2013 we adopted Phoenix Balto when he was just 5 weeks old when his momma was hit by a car and unfortunately passed. We were BLESSED to have been able to watch him grow from the goofy puppy to a sweet senior. He was our protector, our friend. But mostly he was our son. He was a good boy. We miss you Phoenix, we love you!!

Amanda Poole

Longview, Illinois


Bacon was the definition of Loyal, from being their helping us raise 3 kids to before he crossed the rainbow bridge, sleeping next to our new 5 month old grandaughter. He loved like no other dog could love and everyone who ever pet him, he will never be forgotten.

Kevin R.

Camden Ohio


On Wednesday March 29th 2023 I had to say goodbye to my beloved pet Guinea Pig and best frien Moses he ment the world to me and I wish he were still here but Abraham his cage mate is still here so that is making it a bit easier My heart breaks 💔 😢 that he gone but I know he is up with Jesus now hanging with my girl Eve I miss you buddy your Gone butnotforgotenImissyoubuddyIwillneverforgetyouLoveDaddy

Dusty Gamble

Parma Ohio


We are saying goodbye to our son Brantley’s beloved kitty Zoey. In October she had two tumors removed, February she started to fill up with fluid due to heart failure and has gone down hill ever since. She was a rescue but in reality she rescued him. She was full of sass and love. We’re going to miss our ZoZo.

Kathryn Knoles

Danville, IL


Our sweet Daisy left us a week ago. We adopted her from NHS when she was 4 months old. Almost 16 years with us. Loved to play with her squeaky toys, patrol the yard with her sister and always knew when it was dinner time. We love you sweet Daisy, now go run free.

Meli & Steve

Papillion, NE


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