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Pet Memorials

Image by Caleb Woods


Paws & Remember website visitors are welcome to share their own stories or browse through the memorials left by other pet owners.


Hi my name is baby I am a border Collie mix with husky and lab and I was born on a farm in Perry's burg Ohio and I love walks sleeping in dads bed playing and sliding down hills i passed away and Dad cried I didn't want him to be lonely so i send him a new doggie to show i still care now he haves Brea she is there to fill my dad's home with love .



Ruby Rivera

She was our sweet tootie,for 16 years she blessed our home with her love and protection

Annette and Eddie Rivera

Foxy Roxy Kaiser

Roxy was 19 years old when she went to heaven. I had her since she was a pup. She is mixed with chihuahua/rat terrier/hairless crested. She was a little dog with a big attitude. She was a very smart dog and has been on many adventures with me. She was my kayak, bike and hiking buddy. She is my sunshine on gray days. She will always be in my ❤️.

Judy A Kaiser


Benny was adopted about 10 years ago and lived to be 13. He lived a wonderful, happy, spoiled life, until cancer took it's toll. He was a happy boy until the end. We love you BenBen




Who knew a cat stuck in a tree would mean so much to me. That's where I first met Gigi as a stray in my childhood backyard at about age 10. Through childhood, up until my early years of adulthood Gigi was always with me. I took care of her and she took care of me. 16 years I had her in my life, and I'm grateful for them all. I'll miss her so much.




Sofie loved sleeping with Grandma & her stuffed Grumpy cat. When she was 7 we got her a sister Lucy who she loved playing with...until the last couple months...just cause she was 14 we think and was tired. We loved her from the minute she was born til the day she crossed the rainbow bridge...she will be with me forever. Love & miss you!!!!


Omaha, Ne


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Lily (Lily Bug)

Lily was my best friend. My family walked into our local animal shelter, looked at her and she was it. She came home with us. She was with us for 13 years. She was very loving, loyal, energetic, stubborn and had her own personality. She always had this special look on her face when I walked in the door. I miss her everyday and will love her always

Frances Decker


Captain Jack

Captain Jack (Jack) was my best friend! He was found as a kitten in a dumpster and subsequently went blind in his one eye and had a small break in his tail. He was the most loving, trusting, loyal friend to me. Always by my side and waiting at the top step when I came home! Unconditional love was what Jack gave me for 17 years! I miss him terribly!

Janice Kollar



Was a rescue that something happened to his mom. Loved to eat and open doors


Omaha ne

Igloo (Iggy)

Iggy was abandoned by his mother upon birth and we had to bottle feed him to save his life. It was a difficult journey, but he brought such joy to our lives. He lived in the house with us for 6 weeks before making his way back to the barn. Despite our extreme caution and care with him, he died suddenly on 10/17/23 and our hearts will never recover.

Tracy Snowman

Canton, IL


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