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Paws & Remember recognizes our special obligation to pets, their families and the businesses that we serve.

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Caring for pets with the dignity they deserve.

We promise to care for the pets entrusted to us with dignity, respect, and professional skill throughout the death care memorial process.


Use a professionally approved identification procedure for the pet until they are returned to the family.​

Perform the cremation services according to the selected method of Private, Partitioned, or Communal cremation.


Return the cremated remains of the individual pet in the designated urn back to the family in a timely manner (when a private or a partitioned cremation is chosen).

Arrange for disposition of the communal cremated remains in a dignified manner (when communal cremation is chosen).


Pet cremation is performed to prepare the pet for final disposition. It is carried out by placing the pet into a cremation unit where they are subjected to intense heat. Paws & Remember's policy is to treat every pet with the utmost dignity and respect when we memorialize through the cremation services provided to the families that we serve. 

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Private Pet Cremation

Private Cremation is a cremation procedure during which only one animal’s body is present in the cremation unit during the cremation process. The animal is uniquely identified throughout the process. This results in the animal’s cremated remains being the only remains processed and returned.

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Partitioned Pet Cremation

A Partitioned Cremation is a cremation procedure during which more than one animal’s body is present in a larger cremation unit and the cremated remains of specific pets are to be returned. A method of separation is used between each pet, and the cremated remains of each pet are identifiable, retrievable, processed and returned.

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Communal Pet Cremation

A Communal Cremation is a cremation procedure where multiple pets are cremated together without any form of separation. Cremated remains are not returned.

**These images depict examples of universally accepted methods for pet cremation and should be used only as an educational resource, not a guarantee of service.  Each Paws & Remember crematory may not offer all cremation options listed on this page. Please call your local Paws & Remember provider for specific information about cremation services offered at their location.**


A numbered stainless steel ID tag is assigned to each pet and recorded into our tracking system. The ID tag is with your pet throughout the entire cremation process.


Paperwork tracks your pet through the whole process.


Signatures and dates are required for the return of your pet.

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