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Our office and pet crematory is conveniently located, making it easy to meet with us in person. Our showroom features pet urns and pet remembrances, and we’d love for you to visit. Our hours are 9am-5pm, Monday through Friday.

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We work with veterinarians and funeral home providers, supplying a full range of pet memorialization services and personalized cremation products for their pet owners. Additionally, we provide animal pick-up services, as well as staff training and high-quality education material. Paws & Remember enables partners to assist clients in paying tribute and celebrating the life of their pets. Call, contact us online, or email us today.

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Cheryl & Don A. - Upland, IN

Thank you so much for the services you provided with the loss of our beautiful baby Lily. She is back home with us now. Very impressed with the care from Southway Animal Hospital and Paws & Remember. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

cheryl l. - lowell, IN

Thank-you so much for taking care of our dog shadow she was everything to us and she will be missed very much. thank so much for giving us a piece of her hair to remember her. her ashes are on our mantle

Sarah S. - Auburn, IN

Thank you so much for taking such great care of our sweet girl, Oreo. She was everything to us and you have made it possible for her to remain at home with us always! The letter you sent warmed our hearts and made us feel secure knowing our girl was handled with dignity and pride. She will be greatly missed but you are helping be able to heal in a very special way.

Harvey D. - Butler, IN

I know that i called and spoke with a lady by the name of N. Lozano, but i want to take this time to thank all of your staff for taking care of our beloved dog, Peanut this dog meant the world to us and we miss him with all we are, he was an amazing dog, we love love him and always will, but I think you did a great job, and i would recomend you to anyone. Thank you so much!!

Beve C. - Payne, OH

Your handling of my precious Gizmo made her loss something I could deal with. If I had not had your wonderful treatment and loving memorial package, I would have crumbled. She is with me. Thank you most kindly.

Margo & Danny P. - Wolcottville, IN

To all at Paws & Remember, Thank you so much for the beautiful remembrance of our girl and "heart" dog, Tasha. Her life and passing has touched us in so many ways that only pet lovers understand. You offer much more than a product. We will cherish it always and it will be with me forever. Margo

Linda B. - Decatur, IN

Thank you so much for taking care of my baby girl Precious, she was my best friend and my child. She was always wanted to be with me. She picked me as her mom and I will always hold a special place in my heart, I will miss her so much.

Kandie R. - Albion, IN

I just wanted to say Thank You for your services. You did an awesome job in taking care of our son, Nems, and it meant a lot to us. Thank you again.

Dawn  C. - Michigan City, IN

Thank you so much for your respectful treatment of our sweet baby Scooter. While losing him is heartbreaking, knowing he was loved and well taken care of, even in the end, puts our hearts a little more at ease.

Kimberly O. - Porter, IN

Thank you Paws & Remember for such great care of our Max, I got to pick him up today from Westchester Animal Clinic and I have never been so comforted knowing that through this process you treated our pet with such loving care. The bag I picked up today with Max's box in it was beautiful, all the detail to everything was heart warming and beautiful. Thank you so much for all you do to help make this a little easier.

Stacy T. - Fort Wayne, IN

I would just like to tell you all YOU ARE AMAZING!!! You all handled my dog Dusty's cremation the package I ordered was absolutely BEAUTIFUL AND BEAUTIFULLY DONE!!! I appreciated the note letting me know he was handled with care he was my world and having you all to help ease the pain I have I just CANT THANK YOU ENOUGH!!! May God bless you all!! It's only been two weeks but it feels like it's been years!!

Brenda S. - Paulding, OH

Just wanted to extend a big thank you to the staff at Paws and Remember for the care and attention to detail that was taken when I had to put down my 15 year old Yorkie, Sparky. I was overwhelmed with emotions when I picked up his cremains to find a beautiful wooden box with his name and remains inside. I also cherish the memory book that contained a lock of his hair. I am forever grateful for the care that was given to him and certainly made closure much more comforting. I will certainly use your services again!!!

Melissa B. - Bourbon, IN

I just wanted to take the time and thank you for the amazing job you did with my pet's remains (billy). This is the first time my son and myself have lost a pet and after some thought we decided to go with creamation, because i just couldnt see putting our beloved billy outside in the ground when he wasnt an outside dog. I contacted my vet and they told me they used your services, and i looked at the pamphlet and made my decision on what i wanted to purchase. When i was called and told that Billy was ready to be picked up i didnt know what to expect. Upon arriving at the vet they handed me a bag that was done up real nice with everything inside. My son and i opened it together and as i started looking through everything it immediately made me cry. Your company put so much thought and effort into making everything perfect. I was impressed and so thankful that we used your company to for our pets remains. From the bag to the letter and the booklet inside to tell billy's story to the lock of hair that you put in the back as well as the creamation certificate was simply amazing. I cant express enough my gratitude and thanks towards your company. What you did for my son and I and our pet is amazing. Thank you for all your hard work and preserving not only our pet but our memories.

Paula C. - Ney, OH

I would like to thank the staff at both Paws and Remember and Foutain City Vet for the care and assistance of the loss of my two boys in one weeks time. I love the services that Paws and Remember provided to me with the loss and they have brought me the peace I needed with the wonderful touches with my beloved ones ashes. Thank you so much for the lockets of fur. I would highly recommed your services.

Lisa R. - Delphos, OH

I just want to say Thank You,for the Wonderful Tribute of my baby boy Rufos I lost in May. You showed how much you care, with all the information provided, the gift bag, urn, picture frame with his name etched on, and the booklet to record all his information with a lock of his fur. The sympathy letter was another "Special" touch showing how much you care! I was totally Amazed at what I received in remembering my "Special" little guy! I have told friends and referred your company to many of my Animal Loving friends. I showed many what I received for the price, and they couldn't believe it! It shows you really care as a company and know what we are truly feeling in the loss of our little ones! Thank you with all my Heart, and I want you to know I will refer your company to many more of my friends! With Much Appreciation!!!

Beverly B. - Michigan City, IN

We want to thank Paws and Remember for the wonderful job they did taking care of our boy Bandit. He is back home again. The sympathy and care will forever be remembered

Erin F. - Coldwater, MI

The entire staff of Paws and Remember has made the hard process of losing a pet a positive experience for all of our clientele as well as our staff at Fischer Veterinary Clinic. Kim Chin, the office ladies, and the drivers are all wonderfully compassionate, caring, extremely helpful and patient. Our clinic is relatively new with Paws and Remember and we cannot say enough about how easy they have made the transition for us. They help us supply our pet owners with the highest level of service with the best products available. They enable us to offer a multitude of ways to help deal with the grief of losing a loved one that is appreciated in a difficult time. We highly recommend Paws and Remember for all your cremation needs.

Dr. June V. - Rome City, IN

Paws and Remember has been extremely helpful when it comes to the end of a beautiful relationship with a friend. They handle everything with dignity and care. The attention to detail and the offering of services is another important part of their caring for the pet and the owner. Sylvan Lake Animal Clinic truly appreciates the dedication and commitment that Paws and Remember offers our clients.

Jen L. - Millersburg, IN

Paws and Remember has been a great addition to our clinic's services. The staff is amazing and so compassionate! They are wonderful to work with and provide so many services to meet each client's individual need. Millersburg Animal Clinic greatly appreciates the time and effort they put into each and every one of our clients.

Courtney M. - Fort Wayne, IN

We want to extend a heart felt thank you for all of the support and service you provide to us at Banfield Pet Hospital, Fort Wayne. On behalf of our clients, and team, you provide the best care at the hardest times for us. Thank you.

Barb P. - Fort Wayne, IN

One of the most difficult aspects of working in veterinary medicine is having to help clients cope with the loss of their beloved pet. After meeting Kim Chin and listening to the services and products Paws & Remember had to offer, Waynedale Vet Clinic decided to give them a try. What a smart decision that was! Not only do they care for the beloved animals and owners, they also care about educating us with the best ways to care for our clients. They have provided us with a wealth of knowledge and hands on packets for us to give to our clients. They also helped us design our own pamphlet with products we felt our clientele would be most interested in. It has allowed us to pick items of varying cost so that every client can find something that fits their budget if they choose to do so. Kim is always in touch with us and always asks if there is anything they can do to improve their service to us. The genuine care she shows and the wonderful service we have received from Paws & Remember is why I highly recommend them to all!!

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