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Memorial Picture Jemo was one in a million. I got Jemo when he was barely two weeks old. He was found abandoned under a bush. I bottle-fed him gave him and gave him a happy home. He became a cherished member of my family. He was one of kind...He was my baby and I am going to miss him so much. R.I.P Jemo.

Mary Ellen H. - Emmaus, PA


Memorial Picture On Jan 9th 2002, Apollo our Bichon Frise was bought for our son soon to be 9 on the 13th of January. For health reasons on Jan 10th 2014 I had to put Apollo asleep :'(. He was an puppy when we first picked him born on Halloween 2001 lots of energy very similiar to our son's energy a perfect match! But we soon learn that this tiny dog meant for our son would become my dog loving me unconditionally being at my side during many different surgeries. Apollo was a great Dog, loved my many had a sweet disposition loved to horse play, loved my son and even my tough serviceman husband had a soft spot for Apollo although he doesnt readily admit. Apollo will be missed a lot his daily presence his warmth body his funny positions following me everywhere!!! But I will walk again with you my friend Apollo but till then i will cherish all your good memories. You have touched my heart and it is cracked now but I know you are no longer suffering & I'm thankful that you are at peace.

Michele J. - Iarwill - IN


Memorial Picture I bought her for my Dad, who was in a coma. I layed this tiny dog on his chest and his arms immediately went up to her and held her in place. I took her everyday to visit him in the long term care facility. He responded to this little dog. One day a Dr was in while he was holding her, and the Dr, asked Dad what his dog's name was. Dad slurred the word Peanut. We all laughed because this name fit her well. Dad loved her, and she loved him. She became sick, with a heart based tumor, and we kept her comfortable, until her cough and fainting spells forced me to make one of the hardest decisions I ever had to make. Peanut and I went to McDonalds, and shared a hamburger, visited Dad and Mom at the cemetery, and went for a long ride. Her little head out the window smelling all the smells of this world. I held her in my arms and in seconds she was gone. A part of me went with her. A few days later a call from our vet came and, Peanuts ashes were there. Bob picked them up, and when I saw the beautiful bag, and box, I broke down again. There was a piece of her fur, and a beautiful card. What caring people to handle her with such dignity. The picture of Peanut is taken of her sitting in my Dad's chair, wrapped in an afgan that my Mom was making for me, and did not get done before she passed. You are missed Peanut, but not forgotten, thanks to Paws and Remember.

Shirley S - Marion, IN


Memorial Picture We adopted Rani (pronounced like "Ronnie", and is Sanskrit for "queen") from the Michiana Humane Society in October of 2000. She had health issues much of her life, but it did not keep her from enjoying her hikes in the Indiana Dunes daily, up until the end. She had a wonderful, gentle disposition. If one of our cats wanted to check out what she was eating, she would back up and let the cat go up to her dinner bowl! She helped sustain me when we lost one of our other rescued dogs in a horrible accident. I miss her so much. I want to thank Paws and Remember for their services yesterday (January 10, 2013) in Fort Wayne.

Jim S - Ft Wayne, IN


Memorial Picture

This pic was when he was only 13 years old. Sadly he had passed away November 14 2013 and is 16 years old now. I got him when he was six months old. My step mom couldn't handle him pooping in the house and when the neighbors didn't want to deal with him anymore she was going end up having to take him to the pound. I saved him that day 16 years ago. I still remember what my mom said to him when we went to pick him up. "I want you to know dog that I don't like you but I don't want you to go to the pound either." He gave her a look that said "Oh you may not like me right now but you will come to love me as much as my new owner, your daughter does now." He turned out to be right. My whole family and even my online friends who never met him fell in love with him. He had a few problems. Allergies to weeds, smoke, and dust was the biggest. And we took him to the vets a number of times for any injuries he had gotten. He never played with toys but he enjoyed life. He loved to sunbathe in the backyard. And even though he would get my mom mad by sleeping on her glider out back he really showed how much we loved him. And today he passed doing the one thing he loved. Sunbathing in the backyard. I miss you so much my Guinea. Oh and he was named Guinea because when he was born he looked like a guinea pig.

Alice V - Toledo, OH


Memorial Picture Scooter – 8/15/2003 to 1/02/2018 - Scooter came into my life at the same time as my former wife, he was still a puppy. Scooter was a very playful dog, he loved eating the kid’s cell phones, remote controls and dragging liter bottles of pop under the bed and biting the top off. He liked biting the tops off of plastic bottles his entire life. Once we got on a training regimen Scooter learned fast and was eager to please. He learned to sit, and roll over and shake hands. He played fetch, tug of war, and liked the water. He loved to play tug with Rocky and Fritz as well, it was probably his favorite game. He was the cutest dog, a very happy gentle boy, the first male dog I had that I can remember. Scooter was so excited to move into the new house in July of 2005 and loved the neighborhood so full of kids. He liked to play with the neighbor kids a few houses down and their daughter would let him out and play with him when I was at work. Scooter loved people and it was easy to fall in love with him and his cuteness. He would great me with a smart prance and his favorite toy when I would come home. When he was happy he would have a big smile. When I would get a treat he would do his prance and then roll over, mostly before I gave the command. Scooter was like no dog I had ever owned as he had a way of knowing how I was feeling and would react to improve my day. As Scooter got older he had trouble jumping onto the bed at night and would come in the room and turn over for me to rub his belly and pick him up to put him to bed. This is probably what I will miss the most about Scooter. I would rub his ears and his belly and pull on his feet to stretch him out and then hold his head and he would stare into my eyes with a big smile on his face. I would kiss him on the nose and tuck him in bed and tell him I loved him. You could see the love in his eyes every night; it literally filled your soul. Scooter had lupus that was controlled with medication for many years, though you would never know it as playful as he was. He later got osteoporosis in his hips that slowed him down a lot, but his kidney’s failed and that is what took him from me. My beloved Scooter lives in my memory and in my heart and I know he waits for me at the Rainbow Bridge. Scooter and I loved each other and he was a blessing to our family and everyone he met. RIP my sweet, silly, loyal Scooter also known as my Scoot-a-bug.

Sam Person - Papillion, NE


Memorial Picture We brought Bette home when she was just 6weeks old. We had her for nearly fifteen years. She was one of a kind and a little ball of energy and fun! She saw us through good times and bad. She will always be in our hearts. We miss you Baby Girl!

Patti and Walt Mangas - Ney, OH


Memorial Picture Cooper has been a member of our family for 14 years. We lost him December 13, 2017 to a pulmonary embolism. I miss my gray old boy so much. We’re thankful to have back what we can have of him. I miss that sweet face.

Deanna Moles - Eaton , OH


Memorial Picture Shirley was a puppy mill mom for 7 years. Others weren't up to the challenge to rehab her but we fostered then adopted her. We gave her the life she always deserved the short time we had her and she stole my heart.

Meri Hemperly Muniz - Frackville, PA

Jesse Martinez

Memorial Picture Hi yesterday i had to put my dog down because he kidney Faule . The Vet call me yesterday morning saying that my dog was in kidney Faule so I took him in the vet hospital to put him to sleep. My heart was broken i hole his little paw I give him a last kiss in I took him back home we're I buried him outside and the yard I cry so much it hurts me Still today I can't forget about him all I remember when he was a puppy holding him in years past I remember him playing went his toys in when I come home from work he will give me a doggie kisses in jump in my arms

Jesse Martinez - Fort Wayne, IN

Susan Glasgow

Memorial Picture Onyx was a Great Dog, she was Very Smart & quick with her reflexes, she Loved People, Company, & Cuddling. Fetch, going to the Woods, & getting Treats was her favorite things. if her food or water bowls were empty she would pick them up and bang them on the floor or drop them in walk ways where she knew we walked :) She also Loved swinging with me in the Glider swing on the back patio when it wasn't raining or cold. :) We are going to Miss you So Much Onyx

Susan Glasgow - Bryan, OH


Memorial Picture I rescued my Petey when he was 3 years old. He was my entire life. Many moves, many heartbreaks and many happy days, he was by my side. He was a loving member of my family. I had him for 11 years before he suddenly passed.

Erin Graham - Pittsburgh, PA

Jodi Infante

Memorial Picture I feel in love at first sight with my Gertie, our Miniature Schnauzer, when she was 11 weeks old. When I woke up that morning on 12/29/2006, I had no idea I was going to be adding a member to our family that day. We were driving and saw a Pet Store and decided to take our little children inside. I saw her and asked if I could have some time with her. It was an instant connection. She has been my sweet baby and friend for 11 years. She was born 10/18/2006. She learned many tricks and was convinced she was human, too. She was friendly and social to all. She was a good friend to Pup, another pal that came along in 2010. She became his guide as he lost his sight. When we had treats for them, Gertie would wait her turn when we told her it was Pup's turn. She loved her walks and traveled well in the car and got to go on vacations and camping. She loved to cuddle with me and was my best study buddy as I finished my college degree. It was difficult to see her age and get sick. Before we had to let her go, she got a nice comfortable bath and I clipped her fur where it was a little shaggy so she would feel pretty. (she always liked that) When it was time to let her go, we took her bed and all her favorite toys so she could pass peacefully in the comfort she had known for so many years. There is a heaviness in our hearts that will eventually transition to loving memories. Sleep well my baby until we can play again.

Jodi Infante - Omaha, NE


Memorial Picture “We sent our sweet Butters to Rainbow Bridge on October 24. He went peacefully and with dignity. He is now free to “go astray” as he loved to do – oh how he loved his walks. We will always be grateful for his devotion – we will miss our good boy.”

Phyllis Savides - Afton, VA

Two-Face (Chunky)

Memorial Picture Two-Face or known as Chunky (When he wanted food or when my grandmother came over) was a dog everyone loved. He was so sweet and loved to give hugs and was always fun of energy, age never slowed him down. Playing ball or chewing on a bone was his favorite. He was my tv dog lol he would lay on the couch and watch movies or watch my husband play video games, during the day he would lay on the back of my couch like his was tiny, I wish I would still come home to seeing his big head in the window barking at me because I pulled into the drive R.I.P Two-Face (Chunky)

Katie Warren - Decatur , IL

max roberts

Memorial Picture my max passed away on the 22nd of august that was the worst day of my life had to put him to sleep he had intarnel bleedng when i first got him my husband and i went to jacks pet place and there was 2 huskys i want the brown one but my husband say for me to hold the black and white one so i did and when i picked him up he put he head down my shirt and i knew he was mine he picked me and i had him for 8 an a half years i was so blessed to have him he was my baby he was by my side all the time i miss him every day

jennifer roberts - cincinnati, OH

Margo Stevens

Memorial Picture I was blessed to have Sojo for 16 years. She was the sweetest girl who I watched grow from a tiny rescue kitten to a mature cat. She was a comfort to me through many ordeals did I,g that 16 years . I miss her. RIP my sweet face girl. I will never forget you!

Margo Burkhalter - Henrico, VA

jennifer everhart

Memorial Picture Minnie was an absolute blessing to my family. She was my best friend for 15 years and was always by my side, protecting and loving me. When my son died a year ago, it was her sweet face and warm snuggles that brought me comfort and I will miss her every day for the rest of my life. She'll be waiting for me at the rainbow bridge.

jennifer everhart - Omaha, NE


Memorial Picture My sweet boy went to Rainbow Bridge to wait for me on September 14th. He was 13.5 years old. I remember bringing him home like it was yesterday. We miss him so much it hurts

Amanda Clark - Hot Springs, VA


Memorial Picture Amy was one of a kind! We got her when she was 3 months old. She was a true blessing in our lives. She loved her family deeply, as we loved her deeply... She was always there to greet you at the door, would tell you when she wanted a biscuit, which was at the top of the refrigerator. She would look up signaling me to give her one and then look at me and then bark, lol... She loved to chase the squirrels, but could never catch one! She almost caught one one day, she cornered it between two trees, but it got away! Bought her a stuffed squirrel for Christmas one year and she nearly ripped it apart! lol She was stubborn, hard headed, but lovable....I knew it was her time, and didn't want her to suffer....she will be missed terribly... RIP Amygirl... Mommy and Daddy miss you,and love you very much!!! Thank you to the staff of Paws & Remember, as well as Genito Animal Hospital for the care of my baby girl. It means alot to us the compassion and care you all gave to her...

Joyce and James Brusca - N. Chesterfield, VA

Jack Billger

Memorial Picture A year, or so ago, I stumbled onto your film "If I could Talk". It was late on a Saturday night, and it was just me and my little Jack Russell Terrier Diamonds. She would sit on my lap while I would surf the web looking for interesting things. Sometimes she would alert to certain sounds or videos, but this time she was asleep and yes this video made me cry. Diamonds woke up and calmed me with her kisses. The video made me start to think what I just could not bring myself to think of such a thing...but then I did have to realize the inevitable could and would happen, and then what would I could do.So Diamonds and I began living life as though today would be her last, we had so much fun and like the dog in video her ball was her favorite toy .I learned to revel in her company.Then tragedy struck,on July 4th 2017 Diamonds was having trouble breathing while playing and she had refused her favorite snack (Dingo Bone) this was unusual enough that I called the Vet and we took her in, only to find out she had an aggressive cancer and she only had hours to live. She died in my arms, while I sang Three Times a Lady to her, at 8:27 pm that night, amidst fireworks and celebrations all around. Thanks to that video I was, and, am able to know that I was able to do all, and say all, to my little Diamonds long before, and, even during her last days with me,that I wanted to do,and I know that she was happy and content right up to her last breath.I will never forget her.

Jack Billger - NEW PARIS, IN


Memorial Picture I just received the remains of my beloved Maltese Kacy. He has been thru HELL and back with me and my children. Always at my side. Letting him go has been the hardest thing I've ever ever done. I just pray he is up there living a wonderful happy life. He's missed so badly here at home!

Rene Simpkins - , VA

Dolores Shepherd

Memorial Picture I got Myia when she was only 6 weeks old. She was my friend. She listened to me and never judged me. She took trips with me. She lived to be 13 years old. True she was lossing her eye sight, her hearing, her teeth and was slowing down but you say want a treat and she was a young puppy again. She crossed over that rainbow bridge at 1:45 am Saturday Aug. 5 2017. I will you my little furbaby. Now go outside and play.

Dolores Shepherd - ,


Memorial Picture My Donner, Don Don Boy, Donwiloger... my baby... we adopted Donner I believe in 2010. He was apparently abused by his female owner and he was a biter. In the end, he was still a biter but only when you went to far. Donner was funny. He had some of the silliest positions when napping. He was always under me no matter where I was sitting. I can literally go on for days about him. Now, I'm just going on with out him :'( He was my ride pal. He was always willing to go for a ride.. Sadly his last ride traumatized me. He was my baby, my best friend, my everything... I miss him so much.. RIP my baby boy. 08/03/17 you'll be forever with me & forever missed.

Jennifer Caparro - , PA


Memorial Picture One day in the fall of 2015 a little black cat showed up at our house, and was laying in the grass under our front window. At first my wife thought I had left our cat Buddy outside and forgot about him, he was also black. Ollie didn't look very good, we fed him and gave him water, and he started looking a whole lot better. We tried to find his home, but he did not have a collar on and we couldn't locate where he came from. We took OIlie in and he and Buddy took to each other right away. Ollie was one of the most lovable cats I have ever seen. His favorite spot was sleeping on my chest when I was in the recliner. We have an RV and Ollie took to it right away, him and Buddy enjoyed traveling with us. He was a very loving and adorable cat. In the spring of 2017, He lost all his energy and we took him to the vet and he was determined to have kidney failure. He passed away a few days later. He was cremated and we received a beautiful engraved box containing his remains, along with a patch of his (rabbit soft) black hair. The Vet said that Ollie was probably only about 3 or 4. It's a shame we only got to share his love and affection for about a year and a half. I sure miss OLLIE.

Tom Miller - , IN


Memorial Picture Buster was a rescue who was tied to a fence and could only get within a foot of another dog, who was tied to the opposite side of the fence. He was blind because the owner did not treat a puppy eye infection. When I adopted him, he was heartworm positive and struggling. After about 8 months, he was much better and would actually sit on the couch with me. By the end of the first year, he was totally trusting and sleeping on my bed and sitting on my lap, no longer the couch. Though he was blind, he loved his car rides and would let the wind blow in his ears. It took some time, but he finally trusted me enough to "run" with me. Running can be frightening when you cannot see what is out there. His last month, he got to know the McDonalds drive through well because he loved his ice cream cones as much as Bully sticks. I miss him so much.

Pat Noel - ,


Memorial Picture Cat was a good cat. RIP

Maverick Garrett - Greenville, SC

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